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Is that it?

I thought that it was a funny game, but it's really not even worth posting if it's going to be that short, although now that I think of it I'm not sure what I was supposed to expect.

I thought that it showed real promise. Feel a little cheated.

I'm surprised Tom Fulp gave it special mention.

GroggyLobster responds:

you obviously missed the continue button to get to the real content which should entertain you for at least 20 hours.

I loved it.

Firstly, that's such an inventive way to base gameplay. It was funny and addicting.
I really appreciate this from a programming perspective as well, it's such a great engine. Thanks for the fun.

Grent responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Personally, I would have liked a little more expansive engine, but three days doesn't offer itself well to large projects...

Absolute garbage.

It doesn't work. I type very fast and the game couldn't handle it.
Awful, regarding this is a game about typing speed.

I absolutely loved this game.

I got really attached to the story and it really upset me, but in a good way.
It's just fantastic, I haven't played anything like it, until I read one angry comment saying it's a rip off of a Flash called 'Every Day Same Dream', which I'll admit is similar, but this Flash surpasses it entirely.

People are getting angry about the lack of replay value, but I really loved it because it conveyed the true effects of your decision making. I cheated and played it twice by removing my cookies and although the game was still great I didn't really get attached to it like I did the first time.

It was just so sad. I may not have won, but dying in the park with your kid felt right. No point trying to cure the dead human race. It's funny that if I'd just gone to work one more time then I could have won, but then your daughter would die at work rather than in the park and I suppose that was sweeter.

I rarely get attached to a game like this.
Also? The graphics were beautiful and that final scene on the bench that you can keep returning to is beautiful.

Thank you so much for making this game.

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I really liked it.

It just felt realistic. I don't know.
I'm glad it was this short because with that countdown there was a real sense of urgency. The diary entries made it feel realistic and I really tried my hardest to escape.
I luckily did it first time which I suppose is the reason why I felt that this just worked, because I was right down to the last second and everything came together uniquely. The only thing I disliked was the Fire Extinguisher was wrongly described I think, you should have said tied or something. When you said fastened, I thought metal and didn't think of burning it.

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Loading screen is ridiculous.

It's a fun game, don't get me wrong; just that tank is so slow it's unreal. It seems accidental; I wouldn't think that you would have intended for it to be that long.
Still, well done on the game. It's fun.

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I can tell you've sort of put effort into it, but

Instructions would be helpful.
Real instructions, the ones in your description wern't clear enough.
Also, the layout was so weird, I could only ever view half the text!
Also, I could select the dynamic timer textbox. There's an option that you can change for that.

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Oh my God.

Stamper, you've had such an effect on my life! I remember playing this when I was about 12! It's so weird to look at now, but can I jut say with regards to my feelings of this game back then, that this is really, really amazing.

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Looks pretty good...

Doing a running jump is hell, I really just couldn't get to grips with it!
My fault, probably. Well done though! It was pretty funky.
If it didn't have such an ugly menu, it'd be a pretty top game!
The puberty thing made me laugh.

Renandchi2 responds:


This is extremely good fun!

Really clever and original!
It's amazingly good fun, I can't stop playing!
And thanks so much for the save function too, that's a lifesaver!

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I'm in the progress of developing my own shitty games in Flash. I just need to learn a bit more ActionScript and get some free time!

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