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I think you clinched a 10 when the animation paused for a few seconds when the white stickman punched the main character. I don't know, something about it, it just felt so cinematic and intense. Excellent.

... Shame it's not endless, eh?

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This was absolutely inspired.

How didn't I see that end coming? I'm such a moron.
This was brilliant, I loved every second of it. Well done!
The animation was fantastic and the story was truly imaginative. I miss TF2 so much. I hate this laptop...

This made me really sad.

I have to be honest.
I loved the animation, they were brilliant.
I absolutely loved the story, I know it was supposed to make me laugh but I b'awwed so hard at the end! The death was really, brutal. I loved it, despite it upset me; but hey, that's an amazing animation for you. Well done!

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Is that it?

I thought that it was a funny game, but it's really not even worth posting if it's going to be that short, although now that I think of it I'm not sure what I was supposed to expect.

I thought that it showed real promise. Feel a little cheated.

I'm surprised Tom Fulp gave it special mention.

GroggyLobster responds:

you obviously missed the continue button to get to the real content which should entertain you for at least 20 hours.

I loved it.

Firstly, that's such an inventive way to base gameplay. It was funny and addicting.
I really appreciate this from a programming perspective as well, it's such a great engine. Thanks for the fun.

Grent responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Personally, I would have liked a little more expansive engine, but three days doesn't offer itself well to large projects...

Absolute garbage.

It doesn't work. I type very fast and the game couldn't handle it.
Awful, regarding this is a game about typing speed.

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I really like it.

It obviously suits what you want it to be, a fun and happy song.

I think it may interest you to know that I think a TV programme on Channel 4 called Location Location Location used this song in their adverts, slowed down without the beat. I was shocked to hear it, I recognised it because I've been making an animation using this song.

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It's a really amazing song.

I really love this song, and it goes so well with the zombie scene in Tankmen Infinity!

I absolutely loved this.

I always love 8-Bit versions of songs, but this was amazing. It's absolutely 100% perfect.
Thank you for uploading this!

tsunami334 responds:

Thank you for the review and listing.

I'm in the progress of developing my own shitty games in Flash. I just need to learn a bit more ActionScript and get some free time!

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